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It’s vital to recall defective products with a negligent design

On Behalf of | Dec 30, 2021 | Product Recalls |

As you or a loved one in Ohio gets older, performing daily activities can become more challenging. In this situation, it may be more efficient to utilize specific types of equipment designed to make life easier. Unfortunately, some of these products may not be safe to use and could cause severe injury or death. In December 2021, one of these products was identified and recalled. It was used to assist people into bed but ended up causing a much more significant problem.

Using an add-on product could be dangerous if it isn’t secured correctly

Getting into bed for an older person can become challenging, especially if walking and balance are impaired. Utilizing portable bed rails can be a solution to this problem. However, when a unit is being added to another product that hasn’t been designed for it, there is a potential for problems. This happened to three individuals when a product they were using wasn’t secured properly.

Recalling a portable bed rail product after injuries and death occurred

For three people using Carex adult portable bed rails, severe injuries and death occurred. When the rails are attached to a bed, there is a possibility of entrapping the person. This problem occurs between the side of the mattress and the rail or within the bed rail. If you were to use this product, it could be hazardous as it caused three deaths. Asphyxiation and entrapment hazards make this product unusable.

Defective products due to negligent design

Using a product with a negligent design may cause serious personal injury or death. If you’re in this position with a loved one, it can be frustrating and painful knowing that a negligent design with no product recall notice caused the problem.

Recalling a product that causes physical harm or death is necessary and should be done as soon as possible after discovering it has one or more severe defects.