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Are older adults prone to distracted driving?

On Behalf of | Jul 6, 2021 | Car Accidents |

Distracted driving represents one of the greatest dangers on Ohio roads. One factor that makes it so dangerous is its prevalence. Almost anyone who drives could be susceptible to becoming distracted. While younger drivers get much blame for distraction-related collisions, older motorists often take their eyes and ears off the wheel as well. Sometimes, older drivers could cause fatal crashes due to not directing attention where it needs to go. Regrettably, a significant number of all drivers embrace distractions behind the wheel.

Alarming statistics related to distracted driving

A tire manufacturer performed a survey in conjunction with National Tire Safety Week. The resulting information might worry people, although learning the severity of distracted driving troubles might lead some to be more defensive on the road.

The survey revealed that 64% of respondents “multitasked” while driving, an alarming figure. Multitasking represents a wide range of different behaviors, including combing one’s hair, eating and drinking, engaging touchscreen apps, texting, and more. No matter what the activity involves, anything that distracts a driver presents potential dangers. And persons from all age groups could multitask to their detriment.

Liability and distractions

Anyone who takes attention off the road could face a personal injury claim for an accident. Even taking eyes off the road for a brief second may be enough to cause a collision. “Rubbernecking” to look at a stopped vehicle may result in rear-ending another car. Calling someone on a smartphone and hitting a pedestrian could cause even worse damages.

Multitasking won’t likely serve as a valid defense in civil court. Drivers have a duty to care for others, and not paying attention to the vehicle or road may detract from that duty, leaving the driver hoping insurance covers all losses.