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As a pedestrian, what are your rights after an auto injury?

On Behalf of | Feb 25, 2021 | Car Accidents |

Staying alert to potential danger is important whether you are a pedestrian or driver, but when a motorist fails to yield the right of way, the results can easily be deadly. In 2018 alone, 527 Ohioan pedestrians experienced severe injury after an auto collision and 134 lost their lives.

If a driver’s carelessness has caused you injury, you may be facing years of physical, financial and emotional recovery. Before accepting a settlement, know that the law may entitle you to compensation for both present and future wage losses and emotional distress as well as hospital and medical expenses.

Medical compensation

From ambulance and emergency room costs to surgeries, physical therapy treatments and specialist care, medical expenses following an auto injury can add up quickly and may be ongoing. Before accepting a sum, make sure you understand the full extent of your injuries, which may require several weeks or months of rehabilitation.

Recovery of lost wages

A severe injury can have an enormous impact on your earning capacity. In addition to forced time off while you recover, you may have to live with a permanent disability that forever affects your ability to return to your career. You may be able to receive compensation for present wage losses as well as for lost earning potential.

Pain and suffering

The law recognizes the intangible losses you have experienced due to your injury as well. You may be able to claim compensation for the pain and suffering you endured as a result of the accident, including diminished quality of life during your recovery.

You do not have to accept a settlement offer that is too low to cover your losses. Many people choose to go to court rather than take less.