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3 recalled products could cause serious injuries to children

On Behalf of | Aug 19, 2020 | Personal Injury, Products Liability |

When a product has a defect that could cause an injury, the manufacturer should recall the product. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission publishes a current list of recalls along with the manufacturers’ websites and the instructions for correcting the issue or receiving a refund. 

Some of the products on the list right now may pose a danger to children. 

1. Bicycle helmets

The United States has strict standards for bicycle helmets, and all the helmets sold here must meet those standards. However, in other countries, regulations may not be as stringent. A manufacturer in Norway produces helmets for the European market, but some U.S. sporting goods stores and online markets have sold the helmets. The lower standards pose a head injury risk. 

The recall affects both adult and child size helmets. Currently, there are no reports of incidents or injuries involving the helmets, but the CPSC warns that customers should stop using them immediately and contact the store or the manufacturer for a refund. 

2. Strollers

About 4,000 strollers in the U.S. have defects in the frame that could lead to a detached handlebar. Although the CPSC has no record of injuries, at least one handlebar has detached. The manufacturer will provide a new frame to customers who have purchased the strollers affected by the flaw. 

3. Dressers

Four-drawer dressers sold at KMart create a tipping hazard that could trap, injure or kill a child if customers do not anchor the product to a wall. The manufacturer is offering a free anchoring kit, and customers who purchased the product after Feb. 11, 2019, may also have the kit installed in their homes. The recall warns customers to immediately move unanchored dressers to an area in the home where children cannot access them. There are currently no reports of incidents or injuries. 

According to Consumer Reports, hospital emergency rooms across the country treat thousands of children injured in furniture tip-overs. Dressers are among the most deadly of these accidents, and most victims are under 6 years old.