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Are men or women better drivers?

On Behalf of | Apr 24, 2020 | Car Accidents |

Forget about anecdotal evidence — that friend you have who claims he is a terrific driver or the other friend who seems to get into another accident every other month. Anyone can find examples of both men and women who are excellent drivers or terrible drivers. What do the stats say? When you track out the numbers, does one gender have an advantage over the other?

If you look at the number of accident-related deaths, part of the picture becomes clear: Men get into more deadly crashes. Of all those who passed away in 2017, for instance, 71% were male and 29% were female. This is pretty common. In nearly every single recorded year from 2017 all the way back to 1975, male deaths in car accidents doubled female deaths.

Does this mean men are worse drivers? It may, but there is one logical issue to consider. Who drives more often? The statistics above look just at total accident deaths, not accident deaths per mile driven. Therefore, it could be a product of men putting more miles in than women and thus seeing far more exposure to crash risks.

According to the IIHS, this is true. Men drive more often. However, they are quick to point out that men are also more likely to drink and drive and engage in other types of risky behavior. These actions lead to more severe accidents. So, it is not only about the miles, though that statistic does contribute to a degree.

Regardless of your gender, another driver could always hit you and cause catastrophic injuries. If this happens, you must know what legal options you have