Vehicles in disrepair are leading to increased auto wrecks in Ohio

Vehicles in disrepair are leading to increased auto wrecks in Ohio

| Mar 18, 2020 | Car Accidents |

A lot of Americans are struggling to make ends meet, and vehicles are expensive to maintain. It can be a real issue to come up with the extra bucks to pay for anything beyond your gas, oil and car insurance.

That’s a big problem, however, when it comes to safety issues. According to the Ohio State Highway Patrol, there’s a direct relationship between “beaters” — cars that are old and suffering from lots of disrepair — and the rising number of fatalities being seen on the state’s roads.

2019 was a bad year for drivers in Ohio. More than 1,100 people in the state died in car wrecks last year — which was an increase over the prior year and one of the worst in the last decade. After searching for reasons behind the increase, authorities laid the blame squarely on poor vehicle maintenance habits.

In particular, balding tires and brake failures are behind a majority of accidents. In fact, balding tires account for 42% of the fatal accidents that can be attributed to maintenance defects. As such, you can generally expect highway patrol officers to start taking a hard look at your tires, if you happen to be stopped. If they’re badly worn, expect to get towed.

It’s wise to remember that even if you’re a responsible car owner and always get your vehicle serviced in a timely manner, not everyone else is going to do the same. Someone else’s blown tire could force them out of their lane and into yours. Worn brakes on the car behind you could also lead to a pile-up. If you’re hurt in a car wreck on Ohio’s roads, find out more about your possible right to compensation.