Why do big rig accidents occur more often in certain states?

Why do big rig accidents occur more often in certain states?

| Nov 22, 2019 | Car Accidents |

Accidents involving commercial big rigs are more common in some states than others, including Ohio. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration reports that along with states like Texas, Florida and Georgia, Ohio is among the top ten areas where fatal commercial truck accidents occur most often. If you drive for a living, you may be curious as to why these states experience more crashes than others.

Weather can be a significant factor in big rig crashes, as the weight and length of the vehicles make them more prone to skidding and need substantial room to brake. Torrential downpours, flash flooding, sleet, high winds and heavy snow are common in most of the hazardous states, which can make roadways treacherous

Driver fatigue may be a factor for fatal accidents that occur. This can be especially common in locations that have certain geographical features that include:

  • Long stretches of featureless terrain
  • Flat terrain
  • Few changes in road shape (curves, turns, etc.)
  • Frequent or extensive construction areas

These conditions can become even more dangerous when you are already tired or over your driving hour limitation.

Excessive speed is often a factor in commercial truck crashes, especially in rural areas where you might feel it is safe to increase it. However, even if you are familiar with locales that do not seem much traffic, driving conditions can change suddenly, and braking too quickly could cause your truck to jackknife or overturn.

Big rig accidents often include a variety of factors, but many are caused by geographical circumstances that you might underestimate as a commercial driver.