During the fall, the roads can be treacherous in certain places. For example, mountainous areas may be very hazardous for drivers as well as motorcyclists, and northern states may also see inclement weather that increases the chances of a traffic accident. Many motorcyclists who live in these areas are smart to take a break from riding their motorcycle until the spring, but some decide to ride regardless of the weather. Perhaps they simply need to take their motorcycle to another location for winter storage, or maybe they want to get one last ride in before the winter. Regardless, reckless drivers can pose a serious threat.

Some people may think that it is foolish to ride a motorcycle during the fall, when ice or even snow may be on the road. Even in areas where it does not snow, falling leaves and heavy rains can also be problematic during this season. However, this should not deter a motorcyclist from taking legal action if they were hit by a negligent driver, regardless of the time of year. There are many consequences associated with motorcycle crashes and there are far too many drivers who drive drunk or use their phones while they are on the road, and they cannot be let off the hook.

Aside from these issues, reckless drivers may go too fast and lose control of their car after hitting a patch of ice. Motorcycle wreck victims who are suffering because of a careless driver should examine all of their legal options. We discuss many other topics connected to motorcycle collisions in our crashes section.