Environmental hazards to watch out for on the road

Environmental hazards to watch out for on the road

| Nov 21, 2019 | Car Accidents |

Driving is dangerous for many reasons, and drivers frequently find themselves in dangerous situations. Some are able to avoid a collision, while others become seriously hurt (or lose their lives) after colliding with another vehicle. There are many risk factors drivers need to look out for, such as performance errors attributed to intoxicated driving and going over the speed limit. However, even responsible drivers are involved in wrecks as a result of environmental hazards that are present.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has outlined some of the leading causes of motor vehicle wrecks as a result of environmental hazards. Many of these collisions occur as a result of slick surfaces, whether the roadway is covered in ice or other debris is present. Aside from slick roads, glare is another major environmental risk factor that has caused many drivers to lose control of their vehicles or slam into another car. Many accidents also take place because a driver’s view is obstructed.

Poor weather conditions (such as snow, rain or fog) have also led to many motor vehicle wrecks over the years. With winter approaching, and with so many parts of the country already witnessing heavy snowfall, it is imperative for drivers to look out for bad weather. Finally, drivers should realize that poor road design leads to a lot of traffic accidents and drive cautiously in certain areas (or avoid them altogether).

Environmental hazards are attributed to thousands of lost lives and it is inevitable that more people will sustain injuries and pass away due to these wrecks in the months ahead.