Undiagnosed broken bones a result of a medical mistake

Undiagnosed broken bones a result of a medical mistake

On Behalf of | Aug 12, 2019 | Medical Malpractice |

Construction jobs involve certain risks and Ohio workers typically take appropriate precautions and safety measures to try to avoid injury. Even in the best situations, accidents still happen. When an accident resulting in an injury occurs in the workplace immediate medical care should be sought. People tend to trust the word of medical professionals when being treated in such circumstances, though a medical mistake led to a recent medical malpractice suit being filed.

A man was working on a construction site when a pipe, reportedly weighing 1,000 pounds, fell on his foot. The suit states that the injured worker sought medical care at a MedExpress in the area. The injury had caused a cut that required stitches. The medical staff at the urgent care facility arranged for an X-ray the foot and concluded there were no broken bones. They stitched up the cut and sent the patient home with instructions to take ibuprofen and keep the foot elevated.

A subsequent visit because of continued pain and drainage from the wound resulted in a prescription for antibiotics and an order for modified work but no instruction to remain off the foot. When the injury failed to improve, the patient sought a second opinion. The result of the second opinion was that the foot was broken and that complications had developed as a result of not being properly diagnosed and treated.

When an Ohio construction accident occurs, it’s understandable that seeking appropriate medical care is the first order of business. If prompt relief is not achieved, a follow-up visit or second opinion may be in order. If a person believes a medical mistake occurred, a civil lawsuit against the party deemed responsible could provide much-needed compensation for medical costs, lost wages and other verifiable losses.