Entrusting one’s loved ones to the care of a nursing home can be a gut wrenching decision. When older parents or relatives can no longer be successfully cared for at home in Ohio it can seem to be the best choice. One trusts the nursing home staff to take care of the person and administer medical care or assistance as needed. When this does not happen, it can lead to a potential medical mistake that may have a tragic outcome.

In a recent case in an Ohio nursing home, nurses are facing multiple charges, including patient neglect, manslaughter and falsifying patient records. The charges are in connection with the care and severe illness of two patients who were under the nurse’s care. One of the patients subsequently died.

One patient developed sores that went untreated. The sores deteriorated and became gangrenous. The nurses overseeing the patient’s care delayed sending him to the hospital. Once he did arrive at the hospital he went into septic shock and died. The other patient suffered physical injuries that went undiagnosed and this is believed to have been as a result of falsifying the patient’s records.

The loss of or serious injury to a loved one is not an easy pain to bear. When a family member is entrusted to the care of a nursing home it is expected that the facility will deliver the care as needed. When this does not happen, and a loved one dies or suffers a serious injury as a result, a civil suit in Ohio may be an option. An attorney experienced in dealing with such cases can review the facts of any medical mistake that may have occurred and advise the client as to what options are available.