Defective product responsible for dog illnesses and deaths

Defective product responsible for dog illnesses and deaths

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Dogs are considered man’s best friend. Most dog owners consider their pets to be part of the family in Ohio. Hundreds of families around the state and around the country have been mourning the loss of a canine family member in recent days. The cause is believed to have come from a defective product that owners were feeding their pets.

Science Diet dog food is a brand familiar to many pet owners and frequently recommended by veterinarians. A pet owner in Lakewood gave her dog Science Diet after her vet recommended it after the dog developed an illness a couple of years ago. The canine had done well on the food until recently, but then he began losing weight, developed an unquenchable thirst and had trouble walking. The symptoms corresponded to those associated with vitamin D poisoning, and the dog died as a result of the symptoms he experienced. The food maker’s Facebook page had hundreds of stories posted that were similar to this one.

Hills, the manufacturer of Science Diet dog food, acknowledged a problem that they cited as a supplier error that had allowed for a higher than usual amount of vitamin D. The company stated that only canned foods were affected and that dry foods were safe. The company issued a voluntary recall and stated that their supplier will now be subject to additional quality control requirements.

Many of the pet owners spent thousands of dollars in veterinary bills in an attempt to save their animals from the vitamin D poisoning caused by the defective product. Many of the animals died. The owners are hoping for compensation for their incurred expenses, and some are considering legal action. In such a situation, a personal injury attorney in Ohio could review the situation and advise the client on what legal options are available.