Pharmaceuticals bear some blame in creation of dangerous product

Pharmaceuticals bear some blame in creation of dangerous product

| Jan 10, 2019 | Products Liability |

Medicine is meant to improve a person’s physical or mental condition. While medications need to be taken according to instructions to be effective, taking them as instructed should not be harmful. A judge in Ohio has recently issued a ruling allowing several claims against retailers, manufacturers and distributors to proceed. He stated in part of the ruling that these parties had taken part in the creation of a dangerous product that has plagued our nation for the past 20 years.

The judge determined that the defendants in the lawsuits contributed to the crisis through their actions and inactions around the creation, marketing and distribution of prescription opioids. The judge also determined that the parties in the suit contributed to the opioid addiction of millions of Americans. He concluded that they should have foreseen that those addicted would probably turn to street drugs to feed their addictions.

The judge’s ruling sends a strong message to over 1,500 other cities and entities who are pursuing their own litigation cases. One law firm involved in litigation said that this is one of the largest and most complex civil cases in U.S. history and is moving ahead quickly. The litigants expect that the opioid manufacturers, distributors and pharmacies will soon be held accountable for the public crisis that they helped to create.

It is difficult to find anyone in Ohio who does not know someone whose life has been affected, either directly or indirectly, by the opioid crisis. A medication, when taken according to directions, should not be a dangerous product. Many who have become addicted to opioids, particularly young people, claim to have become addicted while under a doctor’s care and taking the medication as prescribed. Someone who is suffering, or has a loved one who is suffering, may wish to seek the counsel of an experienced personal injury attorney.