Ordered medical tests not done can result in a medical mistake

Ordered medical tests not done can result in a medical mistake

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When a person goes to a medical facility in Ohio for tests, he or she expects that the recommended tests will be done. On occasion, other tests may be suggested, and the patient typically signs a form allowing for the test. Failure to perform recommended tests could result in a medical mistake being made. Such is the case of a gentleman who was recommended to have an HIV test done. He was experiencing facial paralysis and was considered at high risk for HIV as he was gay and had worked as a paramedic.

The internist who examined him recommended the HIV test, and the patient consented. The neurologist consulting on the case disagreed that the patient was a high risk. As a result, the physician did not perform the test and had it cancelled. The patient was not informed of this.

The patient visited his personal physician following the tests and was told that the results looked good. As he had not been told that the HIV test had been cancelled, he took this to mean that the test was negative. A blood test done later revealed that he did indeed have HIV. A jury found in his favor and awarded him $18.4 million.

A person in Ohio who has questions concerning medical testing may benefit from a consultation with a medical malpractice lawyer. If questions exist concerning medical testing, an experienced attorney may be able to advise on whether a medical mistake was made. In such an event, the lawyer may be able to assist a person in bringing a civil suit.