Wet roads and trucks can be a recipe for a car crash

Wet roads and trucks can be a recipe for a car crash

| May 1, 2018 | Car Accidents |

Driving on wet roads in Ohio can be hazardous. When a tractor-trailer is added to the equation the risk may escalate. A car crash may ensue. Such was the case in a recent accident on I-75 near Dayton.

A box truck was traveling in the left lane. A Cadillac SUV was in the center lane. A tractor-trailer came up behind the Cadillac SUV and struck the SUV, pushing the vehicle under the box truck. The resulting crash resulted in injuries to the driver of the SUV and her two passengers. According to the crash report, the tractor-trailer was following too closely and may have been traveling above the posted speed limit.

The SUV driver was transported to the hospital with critical injuries. Her two passengers, one of whom suffered a fractured pelvis, were treated at the hospital and have been released. The driver remains in the hospital. The crash report indicated that wet roads may have been a factor in the car crash, but the cause is still under investigation.

A car crash involving a tractor-trailer can be a traumatic event in Ohio. The injured may feel overwhelmed and confused as to where to turn for answers. Once the injuries have been addressed, a conversation with a knowledgeable personal injury attorney may prove beneficial. An experienced attorney can assist a person to determine what his or her options are and the best legal path to follow. A successful claim can assist with medical costs, lost wages, vehicle repairs and other documented losses.

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