Tragic death at what may be a dangerous property

Tragic death at what may be a dangerous property

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It’s Monday morning. Alarms go off and people rise, shower and go off to work. At the end of the day, these people expect to return home. Some people’s jobs may involve working at a potentially dangerous property where tragedy can strike at any moment. Such was the case for a gentleman from Dayton, Ohio, who worked as a forklift operator.

The forklift operator was found between the forklift and a pallet of glass that apparently weighed 2,097 pounds. The coroner ruled the death an accident and that the gentleman had died from blunt force trauma to the head. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has opened an investigation into the tragedy.

While not all accidents can be prevented, it is reasonable to expect one’s employer to take reasonable precautions to prevent accidents from happening. OSHA exists to help ensure that places of employment are safe for their employees. This helps to provide peace of mind not only to the employees but also to their families.

When a loved one loses his or her life in a tragic accident on a dangerous property in Ohio or anywhere else, the deceased’s family may not know where to turn for answers to all the questions that they may have. A conversation with an experienced labor law attorney may prove beneficial in answering their questions and the legal recourse they can pursue. An attorney can inform them of their rights to compensation and help them recover the full amount of damages to aid in medical costs, final costs or other expenses incurred due to the tragic death of the loved one.

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