Fatal car crash on Easter Sunday

Fatal car crash on Easter Sunday

| Apr 10, 2018 | Car Accidents |

Easter Sunday is typically about spending time with families, hoping for spring and eating a festive meal. People set out for their family celebrations expecting to reach their destinations safely. They don’t expect to be involved in a horrible and fatal car crash. Unfortunately, such an accident happened near Springfield, Ohio this past Easter Sunday.

Friends and family were traveling together and came to an intersection with a stop sign. Witnesses said the car stopped at the stop sign and then inched forward so the driver could attempt to see if the way was clear. The car, a red Honda Accord, was then struck on the passenger side by a grey Jaguar. There were five passengers in the Honda. One, a 3-month-old infant, died, and four others were injured, two critically.

The cause of the accident is still under investigation, but witnesses say that the intersection is very dangerous. Cars must yield to oncoming traffic and it is difficult to see oncoming traffic. While no cause has been given, area residents say that speed on that street is a problem.

Experiencing a sudden death is always stressful, and none more so than when a very young child is the victim. In this case there were additional life-threatening injuries resulting from the car crash that could add to the surviving family member’s distress. While compensation and legal avenues may be far from a family’s mind at such a stressful time, the family may benefit from having a confidential conversation with an experienced personal injury attorney in Ohio. A knowledgeable attorney can help guide them in pursuing legal avenues to get compensation for medical bills, funeral costs and other monetary damages.

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