Winter driving in Ohio can cause a car crash

Winter driving in Ohio can cause a car crash

| Mar 6, 2018 | Car Accidents |

Those who live in Ohio know how treacherous winter driving can be. This can be particularly true when the weather is so changeable and is difficult to predict. Most drivers are aware of these circumstances and exercise appropriate caution when driving in the snow. Sometimes another driver is not as cautious, or is even reckless, and a deadly car crash can result.

Such was the case in a recent tragedy that occurred in Waterville on State Route 64. A young woman was driving along on snow-covered roads in a Kia around 3 p.m. The 31-year-old driver of an oncoming Cadillac lost control of the vehicle, crashing head-on into the Kia. The driver of the Cadillac suffered minor injuries. The Kia driver, just 21 years old, was not wearing a seatbelt and died later at the University of Toledo Medical Center.

The death of a loved one is typically a stressful and emotional time. When the death is a result of a sudden car crash, those feelings are usually intensified. In times of great stress, the thought of a claim for monetary damages is seldom the first concern.

In a car crash such as the one reported here, the family of the deceased may have no idea what their options may be for legal recourse. In Ohio, an experienced personal injury attorney can help. The lawyer could better acquaint them with what their options may be and significantly increase their odds of receiving the maximum amount of financial relief to which they are entitled.

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