Ohio residents may be affected by recent product recall

Ohio residents may be affected by recent product recall

| Jan 10, 2018 | Products Liability |

When a common food product is deemed contaminated or dangerous, it would be wise for people to pay close attention to the details. Ingesting or coming into contact with contaminated food has been known to cause serious illnesses or even death. Residents of Ohio will especially want to make note of a recent product recall involving a popular ice cream.

The producer of Meijer Purple Cow ice cream recently recalled 320 cases of its orange ice cream bars, due to the possibility that they are tainted with the bacteria known as Listeria. The bacteria was detected in a standard test run of a separate batch of the ice cream bars. However, to be safe, the company recalled all recent shipments to avoid anyone becoming infected.

It is believed that the recalled batches were sold in five different states, including Ohio. All buyers of the products are asked to return the ice cream bars to the original purchase place for a full refund. In the mean time, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration will continue to investigate the cause of the Listeria outbreak to determine the next steps.

While no injuries or deaths due to this particular Listeria contamination have been reported as of yet — in Ohio or elsewhere — such an unfortunate outcome is possible, both now and in the future. When dangerous or defective items cause a product recall and put consumers in harm’s way, those affected have a right to fair and just compensation for medical bills and related issues. Consulting a professional regarding personal injury lawsuits and information can be a helpful tool.

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