3 people hurt during Tuesday afternoon drunk driving accident

3 people hurt during Tuesday afternoon drunk driving accident

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Most people are aware of the need to be more wary of drunk drivers later at night, especially on the weekends when many are off work or, perhaps, just got paid after a long workweek. Of course, the weekends are typically when many people celebrate various occurrences and go to parties. However, most Ohio residents would not usually expect to be involved in a drunk driving accident during a weekday in the middle of the afternoon rush hour.

On a recent Tuesday around 4 p.m., three people in a Jeep were stopped at a red light when they were hit from behind by another vehicle. All three occupants of the Jeep were injured and required hospital treatment. The extent of their injuries was unknown at the time of this report.

The driver whose vehicle hit the Jeep allegedly demonstrated several signs of intoxication when officers arrived on the scene of the accident. He apparently smelled of alcohol, and had trouble walking and speaking. It was also reported that the man became difficult to manage, exposed himself to the officers and offered them money from his wallet in exchange for forgetting the incident had ever happened. The man was arrested and charged with bribery and DUI. He was also cited for marijuana possession and traffic violations.

The three people who were affected by this apparent drunk driver’s careless choices have options to consider. As they deal with their injuries and any issues stemming from this drunk driving accident, they may wish to file personal injury lawsuits to pursue recovery of financial losses for hospital bills, lost wages, etc. It is always possible to seek advice from someone versed in this area of law in Ohio when faced with questions and decisions to make.

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