Driver who caused accident had 3 impaired driving convictions

Driver who caused accident had 3 impaired driving convictions

| Dec 20, 2017 | Drunk Driving Accidents |

Car accidents involving tow truck drivers and officers on patrol can be fairly common; some might say the possibility of them comes along with the job. For one officer in Columbus, Ohio, just “doing his job” has caused him to be hit by a vehicle four times during his employment with the Freeway Patrol Unit. Unfortunately, an impaired driving situation can often be a leading contributor to the danger involved in these types of jobs.

On a recent Sunday morning, a patrol officer and tow truck driver were assisting a vehicle that was disabled on the side of I-670. During this time, another vehicle rear-ended the officer’s car while he was sitting in it. The tow truck driver was ultimately hit by the vehicle as well.

It is alleged that the driver who caused this accident was driving while impaired at the time. If convicted for the charges against him regarding this recent situation, the man would have a total of four impaired driving convictions on his record. In this most recent case, he is lucky not to be responsible for any fatalities along with the other charges and issues he is likely to face following this incident.

The patrol officer and tow truck driver who were injured in this impaired driving accident are fortunate to be alive after experiencing such a traumatic event. Many others in similar scenarios do not always get to walk away and tell the story. However, both victims in this Columbus, Ohio, case now have hospital bills and injuries to maintain. Apart from applicable workers’ compensation benefits, it may be in their interests to consider filing third-party personal injury claims against the driver believed responsible for the accident.

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