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Product recall issued on 2,190 pounds of meat in Ohio

On Behalf of | Oct 17, 2017 | Products Liability |

Meat lovers in the state might want to be wary of several different types of meat for a while. One brand, Newswanger Meats of Ohio, has issued a voluntary product recall for over 2,000 pounds of sliced deli products, chicken, pork and beef after the discovery that these meats may have been processed in unsanitary conditions. Customers are being asked to check their meat products to be sure that they aren’t a part of this recall.

Most of the meat products in question were sold at Newswanger’s retail stores. There was some meat, however, that was distributed elsewhere. For example, the meat from three hogs was sent to Ohio City Provisions and more of the meat was sent to Fresh Fork Market. All of the meat is considered to be at risk.

The Department of Agriculture released a statement saying that some of the meat products from this company were produced by using a water supply that did not meet the health department’s requirements for safety. The water came a private system that was not approved by the department. The results of a water sample led to the decision for the product recall.

While the sample tested negative for E.coli, the presence of other types of coliform bacteria was found in the water. This means that the water is determined to be nonpotable, and shouldn’t be used in the production of meat and other foods. The water was used for processing of these meats for three days before the issue was discovered.

Anyone who has suffered illness or has had a loved one die because of a defective product in Ohio has every right to speak with a personal injury attorney. Medical bills, time lost from work and other monetary problems can arise from these types of circumstances, and the victim and/or family may have ground to sue for damages. Anyone who has questions about a product recall could contact the manufacturer, or if damage, illness or death has already occurred, the victim — or the surviving family of a deceased victim —  may choose to consult a personal injury lawyer.

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