Ohio stepped up patrols to prevent impaired driving over holiday

Ohio stepped up patrols to prevent impaired driving over holiday

| Sep 7, 2017 | Drunk Driving Accidents |

The Labor Day holiday signals the unofficial end of summer, and as such, many gather with friends and family to celebrate. Unfortunately, along with the food and fun, party goers often indulge in alcoholic beverages and then decide to drive home. Ohio police stated their intentions to increase their presence to help prevent impaired driving accidents.

Last year, law enforcement made nearly 750 arrests for operating a vehicle while impaired. There were also a reported 15 fatal accidents that were attributed to either drunk driving or lack of safety restraint use. Officials announced that enforcement patrols would be increased over the Labor Day weekend in an effort to save lives.

Along with the increased enforcement efforts, Ohio police also stressed the need for motorists to pay careful attention to their driving. Due to the increased traffic, it is even more imperative for drivers to watch for road hazards — including lane shifts and closures — though construction was to be suspended over the holiday. Drivers are also urged to avoid using their phones while driving and maintain proper speed according to posted limits and traffic flow.

While police work diligently to ensure the safety of motorists and their passengers, there will likely still be some collisions caused by impaired driving. When these accidents occur, the lives of victims may never be the same. Serious injuries can result in permanent physical limitations and ongoing pain. In addition to these physical problems, victims often sustain heavy financial damages as well. These victims, or the surviving families of deceased victims, may consider seeking compensation for those losses by way of a civil suit filed against the party or parties believed to be responsible for those damages.

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