Woman files suit against restaurant for slip and fall accident

Woman files suit against restaurant for slip and fall accident

| Aug 17, 2017 | Premises Liability |

After slipping on an unknown substance, a woman is suing the owners of the location where that substance was found. According to the report, a woman suffered a slip and fall accident while she was walking on a common property. She filed suit against the people who owned and managed a business on that property almost two years later. Although this incident did not occur in Ohio, similar premises liability suits happen regularly throughout the state.

The woman’s accident took place in August of 2015, and the suit was filed in July of 2017. The accident took place at a restaurant, and that establishment has been named as a defendant, along with a Town Center Company and the business that owns the restaurant. According to the woman’s complaint, the floor of the restaurant has not been thoroughly cleaned and tended to be slick.

The wetness of that area of the floor is what caused her accident, according to the woman’s claim. She suffered severe injuries in that fall, which caused damage to her hip, her lower back, her right leg and other areas of her body. These injuries caused her to incur lost time at work and medical expenses, leaving her with financial hardships. The woman claims to have evidence that the workers at the establishment where she fell failed to clean up the wet substance from the floor despite the fact that it had been seen by them.

In Ohio, when someone suffers a slip and fall accident at a place of business, he or she may choose to consult with a personal injury lawyer. This attorney can advise the victim on how to seek damages in a premises liability suit. This type of litigation can help the victim to recover lost wages, medical expenses and more.

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