Hospital agrees to settlement in medical malpractice birth injury

Hospital agrees to settlement in medical malpractice birth injury

| Aug 10, 2017 | Medical Malpractice |

A young boy was recently awarded a $4 million dollars in a lawsuit against the doctor who was blamed for birth injuries to the boy’s brain. Soon after, the city-owned hospital where the boy was born agreed to a settlement in the medical malpractice case. Birth injuries such as this happen far too often in Ohio and in other states.

The child, who will be 12 years old soon, allegedly suffered brain damage during his birth because the doctor and hospital staff made several crucial mistakes. Although it was clear that the baby was too large for his mother’s birth canal, the doctor reportedly did nothing to prevent complications. He apparently did not order or offer the mother a cesarean section or any other option.

The woman was also given a drug by hospital staff, at the doctor’s orders, which was made to induce labor.  Although the drug was decreasing the baby’s oxygen level, the staff was said to have continued to administer it until she had been given far more than the maximum allowed. Her doses were increased more and more during a 12-hour period.

The baby was also delivered by vacuum extraction, which is said to be dangerous in cases where the mother is too small for a natural birth. The mother contends that she did not give consent for this procedure, and the doctor placed the extraction device on the baby’s head. Although this device should only be used for a few minutes, this doctor reportedly continued for 25 minutes while the baby’s heart rate continued to drop.

When a child suffers lifelong debilitation because of a birth injury in Ohio, the parents may choose to consult with a medical malpractice attorney. This lawyer can explain relevant laws to the parents and help guide them in how to proceed in order to seek damages on behalf of their child. Although the child may never have a normal life, the amount received from such a lawsuit, if won, could help pay for the care of the child as he or she grows older.

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