Product recall issued for dangerous exploding fireworks

Product recall issued for dangerous exploding fireworks

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When people purchase TNT Red, White, and Blue Smoke fireworks, they expect the product to emit patriotic smoke, just as the name suggests. They do not expect the product to explode when lit. Unfortunately, that is just what happened over the July 4th holiday weekend to several people in several states. Those in Ohio who have any of these fireworks will want to carefully follow the product recall instructions.

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission report, over 36,000 units of the fireworks were recalled in four different states. This recall was prompted by several phone calls that the company received from customers who claimed that the fireworks had exploded as soon as they were lit. A few people suffered minor burns from the explosions. Of course, it’s possible that others have been hurt as well.

A spokeswoman for the CPSC stated that the July 4th holiday period spawns the most injuries from these types of products. Anyone who has purchased these fireworks and still has them is encouraged to contact American Promotional Events in order to receive a full refund. The company assures customers that it is concerned about public safety and quality products.

These particular fireworks were sold in various stores, including Kroger and Walmart. Customers who purchased these fireworks in Ohio, Illinois, Vermont, or Wisconsin should call, email or contact the company through the TNT Fireworks website about the product recall. Anyone who has been injured by a  defective product may choose to consult with a personal injury lawyer in order to assess the viability of pursuing a products liability claim for monetary damages sustained.

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