Over $4M award to family of stroke victim for medical malpractice

Over $4M award to family of stroke victim for medical malpractice

| Jul 20, 2017 | Medical Malpractice |

Over $4 million has been awarded to a family in a wrongful death suit against a nursing home where their loved one died. The woman suffered a stroke while she was in the care of the home during recuperation from a fractured hip. Unfortunately, medical malpractice cases similar to this one are heard every year in Ohio.

The woman was said to be in the care of a nursing home in another state while healing from a broken hip. During her stay there, the family alleged that the employees of the facility stopped giving her a prescription blood thinner that had been ordered by her primary care physician. The woman went without her blood thinner for 14 days without the approval of her doctor.

The blood thinner had been given to the lady in an effort to prevent her from having a stroke. Despite the fact that the nursing home procedure called for all patients’ medications to be audited daily, no one caught the mistake. The woman began showing signs of a stroke two weeks after her medication was stopped. The stroke weakened the right side of her body, which lowered her quality of life for her remaining four years.

When a nursing home, hospital or extended care facility accepts a patient, it is vital that the staff continues with any medication that the patient’s doctor has prescribed, unless a doctor changes the medication. Failing to do so can cause injury and even death to the patient — and a medical malpractice suit for the facility. Anyone in Ohio whose loved one has suffered because of the negligence of a medical care facility may choose to contact a personal injury attorney who can help them to seek damages.

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