Auto wreck: Truck plows into business meeting

Auto wreck: Truck plows into business meeting

| May 4, 2017 | Car Accidents |

A group of seven people was stunned when a truck came plowing into their Ohio business meeting last week. According to reports, the scene looked as though a bomb had exploded right in the middle of the room. Several people were injured, and more were traumatized by the incident. The driver is accused of aggravated vehicle assault and was reported to have been drinking at the time of the auto wreck.

One of the employees described the devastation and shared that he and his co-workers were trying to figure out just how many were hurt after the crash. He stated that the engine was still revving in the truck and that they could not understand what was happening. The man explained that several people were struck by the truck as it burst through the wall.

All seven people were seated at a table when the accident occurred. One person was thrown out of his chair and slammed into a wall on the opposite side of the room. After hitting him, the truck continued to plow through the table and hit those on the other side.

Those who have been the victims of such accidents can often have scars that cannot be seen. Aside from the physical injuries caused by an auto wreck, emotional and psychological consequences are also possible. Anyone who has been injured in an Ohio auto accident has the right to consult a personal injury attorney, who can help them to determine what steps may be appropriate to seek financial redress for any injuries suffered.

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