Orthopedic company accused of failing to recall defective product

Orthopedic company accused of failing to recall defective product

| Mar 14, 2017 | Products Liability |

One of the scariest thoughts of many Americans is that of suffering through the aftermath of a medical mistake. In Ohio and other states, such mistakes are often made by doctors during surgery or pharmacists when packaging medications. One rarely thinks of a detrimental medical mistake being made by an orthopedics company. When a customer is implanted with a dangerous product, however, or has a defective product placed in them during surgery, that’s exactly where the blame often falls.

Such a story is currently unfolding in Chicago, Illinois, where Deputy Orthopedics Inc. and Premier Orthopedic Sales Inc. are both being sued by one individual. The companies are accused of failing to take measures needed to prevent injury by properly testing and/or recalling a defective product – namely, a hip replacement implant. The plaintiff in the case claims that these defendants not only manufactured these products but also distributed them while knowing that they were defective and needed a product recall.

The plaintiff also claims to have sustained injuries that were severe enough to cause her to need further medical treatment because of the defective hip implant that she was given. She says that the defendants are directly responsible for her pain and suffering because they allegedly allowed their products to be sold without being tested properly first. She is seeking to have a trial by jury in this case and wants an amount of reimbursement that is actually more than the jurisdictional limit. She also wants interest and court costs to be paid by the defendants.

In cases such as this, people can suffer pain, injury or even death because of a dangerous or defective product. Companies that deal in medical equipment are required to test their products properly to ensure that they are safe for patients to use. If a defective product is found, the company should issue a product recall. In Ohio, as in other states across the country, personal injury lawyers help to protect these clients and work to make sure that they get the reimbursement they need to replace the defective product, pay medical costs or pay funeral costs, if needed.

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