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How Narcotics Attorneys Represent Drug Crime Suspects

On Behalf of | Mar 3, 2017 | Drunk Driving Accidents |

Drug crimes are some of the most severe felonies under the United States federal law. Drug possession can result in harsh penalties or a prison sentence. Consequently, you can panic if the police arrest or launch investigations against you for drug-related misdemeanors. In such a situation, your close companion should be a criminal defense lawyer. It is wise for you not to say a word to the authorities. Some of your utterances can turn to be detrimental to your case no matter how cautious you are when making them.

There are some quantities of drugs with which you are less likely to land in jail. The Ohio law on drug crimes specifies the various measures of controlled substances that are considered as bulk. However small your amount, you need aggressive representation of a drug crime defense lawyer for a fair trial in the court. You have some fundamental rights which the officers should not violate. The police must have a warrant before searching your home. The Fourth Amendment prevents state or federal officers from conducting unreasonable searches or seizures. A judge issues a search order once law enforcement officials present convincing reasons for believing that you possess some incriminating evidence.

If the prosecution takes you to court for felonies such as drug possession or sale, there are various directions which the case could take. Typically, a drug crime case can adopt one of the following options.

  • The prosecution can drop the charges if the case lacks merit.
  • The defense and the prosecution can reach a plea agreement.
  • You can be tried before a jury
  • The case can undergo a trial before a judge without a jury. This process is also known as a bench trial.

In most cases, the case adopts a jury or bench trial. The defense must seek the consent of the court and the government to elect a bench trial. An experienced criminal defense lawyer understands the best course of action, and he or she advises you accordingly.

Criminal defense attorneys focus on protecting your rights. They can present compelling evidence such as harassment by the police during your arrest, and this can see the case losing weight. There are many possibilities which a qualified lawyer can exploit including lobbying for a deferred prosecution. If you are facing the law for drug crimes, call an attorney immediately to make the trial as fair as possible.