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Have you been hurt because of insufficient warning on a product?

On Behalf of | Sep 19, 2016 | Products Liability |

Manufacturers must provide sufficient warning to consumers if there is even a slight chance of injury when a product is used. Even if there are no flaws in the product, it could be considered defective if there are no clear instructions or warnings regarding the risks. Manufacturers should not let the product reach the consumer without clear safety instructions.

There are different situations that require a warning. If the manufacturer is aware of the danger that a product possesses, they must notify the consumer. The danger should not be there when the product is being used in its intended manner and environment. In some cases, the danger will not be obvious to the consumer, which is why proper instructions are necessary. Determining the intended manner of use can be complicated and often varies with the product in question.

It is the manufacturer’s duty to warn the user about all the possible dangers of a particular product. They must also provide proper instructions regarding product use and safety. Failure to do either of these things could result in a consumer suffering a serious injury while using the product.

Some manufacturers prefer to print instructions in several languages. This protects them from lawsuits brought forward by people who could not understand the language of instruction. There is no prescribed form in which manufacturers must warn users. It could be in any color, form or location within the product. Some manufacturers print it on the product, while others choose to include a separate instruction booklet.

If you or a loved one has been hurt due to a defective product, an attorney might be able to help you. Hire an experienced attorney to review your case and he or she may be able to get you fair compensation for the damages caused.