Unleashed pets pose a serious danger to drivers

Unleashed pets pose a serious danger to drivers

On Behalf of | Aug 28, 2016 | Car Accidents |

Being involved in an accident is an emotional experience. However, when the accident involves an animal, the emotional aspect of an accident can be even more amplified. Occasionally, wildlife is to blame for serious car accidents. However, just as often domestic animals are responsible too. When an unleashed pet causes a car accident, it is important for those injured to understand that the pet’s owner may be responsible.

Many local governments have leash laws. Typically, these laws dictate when and where it is acceptable to have a domestic pet off leash. Generally speaking, when in the general public, domestic pets, such as dogs, must be leashed or confined at all times. Unfortunately, many pet owners do not follow these guidelines. And, not only are passersby at risk of being bit but drivers are at risk of an accident when trying to avoid unleashed animals.

Depending on the area, its laws and the circumstances surrounding the event, a car accident caused by an unleashed animal can be the responsibility of the pet owner. For example, if local ordinances require domestic pets to be leashed or confined at all times, and an unleashed dog runs into traffic and causes an accident, the pet owner may be responsible for the damages caused by their pet.

As with any car accident, deciding what legal steps to take after the event may take the experienced advice of a skilled legal professional. With the help of a personal injury attorney, those injured in a car accident caused by an unleashed pet may be able to seek damages and compensation from the negligent pet owner.