If I was hurt at the house I rent, can I sue my landlord?

If I was hurt at the house I rent, can I sue my landlord?

| May 9, 2016 | Premises Liability |

Rental agreements can vary significantly, and you would be wise to familiarize yourself with yours. However, if your landlord has been negligent of a situation you know they are aware of, and you are hurt due to this negligence, you may have grounds for recourse.

In proving your landlord was negligent and should be held responsible, you must show numerous factors to be true. For instance, did the landlord know about the issue well in advance? Was it an issue that was not overly costly to repair? Did the landlord fail to make any attempt to repair the issue? Were you hurt because the landlord did not repair the reported issue?

If the injury was caused by the problem the landlord neglected to resolve in a timely fashion and the danger the unresolved issue presented was fairly obvious, this should not be hard to settle. You do need to show that your injury was fairly serious.

Also, you cannot claim injury resulted in a roundabout way. For example, while it may still have resulted from the landlord’s negligence in a far-reaching way, you cannot place blame on the landlord if something bad happened to you as you avoided the dangerous condition. If your porch had loose boards and you started going through a side door to avoid the porch, you could not sue if you slipped on the steps leading to the side door.

It is frustrating to suffer an injury as a result of your establishment being improperly maintained by the person or company you pay your hard-earned money to. If you believe your injury was the direct result of landlord negligence you may want to discuss your case with an Ohio premises liability attorney. In doing so, you may find the monetary relief you deserve from your experience.