When you are hit by a company vehicle, you have options

When you are hit by a company vehicle, you have options

| Apr 10, 2016 | Car Accidents |

Every time we enter a vehicle we perform certain routine steps that demonstrate our acknowledgement of the dangers the activity of driving or riding may present. We snap on a safety belt, and if we are driving, we make take pause to adjust our mirrors and seat. If driving, we then proceed with caution and drive defensively, always aware of the most obvious dangers on the road and hopefully, never let our guard down around unsuspecting dangers such as vehicle blowouts and debris in the road.

But what happens when other drivers and other vehicles we have no control over interfere with our course and we are unable to avoid collision or detriment because of their actions? And what if that vehicle belonged to the city or was operated by a person under the employ of a company?

This could have been the case for those sharing the road in Washington state recently. For the second time in so many months, a tour bus was involved in an accident. This time, no injuries were reported but the Ride the Ducks vehicle reportedly collided with a car while both were navigating a left turn. Each were in their own designated lanes before the crash. Another vehicle of the same tour company was involved in a serious fatal accident last Fall, leaving five students dead and injuring dozens.

While this wreck was outside of Ohio, it is situations like this that bring awareness to inherent dangers and risks we should not face. However, if you or a loved one were injured in an accident involving a company vehicle, you may be able to pursue damages from the other driver as well as the company that put that driver on the road. An Ohio auto accident attorney should be able to investigate the factors around your accident and determine how best to obtain maximum compensation.

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