Head-on collisions becoming all too commonplace on Ohio roads

Head-on collisions becoming all too commonplace on Ohio roads

| Apr 14, 2016 | Car Accidents |

While drunk driving continues to be the leading contributor of wrong-way crashes on Ohio’s state highways, another disturbing factor is moving to the forefront. That cause is suicide, and 2016 has seen what accident investigators believe to be intentional head-on collisions statewide.

In just more than three months, 2016 has had more fatalities resulting from these wrecks than were so determined in all of 2014.

On the same day in early April, two head-on collisions happened on two separate Ohio highways, and both resulted in death. One was outside of Cincinnati, and the other happened locally on a stretch of I-270.

Including the April crashes, 2016 has had a dozen wrong-way crashes on state highways, and those have resulted in 9 injuries and 16 deaths.

Whether the cause was intentional or the result of drunk driving or driver inattentiveness, if you or a loved one was either injured or killed, you may have grounds for legal and financial retribution. By seeking the counsel of an Ohio accident attorney, you will be able to discuss your situation in detail and potentially identify multiple factors that contributed to your detriment through an outside accident investigation.

No one should be so unsafe on the highway, and yet the reality is terrifying and the trend in these types of almost always catastrophic collisions must be stopped. Bringing heightened awareness to these occurrences may mean increased protections and signage to help prevent the unintentional accidents and minimizing the risks, at least to some degree.

Source: Dayton Daily News, “Fatal wrong-way crashes increasing in Ohio,” Steve Bennish and Katie Wedell, April 9, 2016.