St. Pat’s statistics are not so lucky in Ohio

St. Pat’s statistics are not so lucky in Ohio

| Mar 27, 2016 | Drunk Driving Accidents |

Another St. Pat’s holiday filled with merriment and festivities seemingly centered around the overindulgence of alcohol, led to numerous drunk driving arrests in Ohio over the weekend. In fact, state highway patrol in Sandusky County is said to be alarmed at the spike in arrests within the county after six more arrests over the holiday weekend.

Overall, Sandusky County has seen 32 more drunk driving-related incidents handled by troopers, up from 39 on the same March date last year. That means troopers have already seen 71 cases this early in 2016.

Unfortunately, the spike in these types of cases has correlated with an increase in fatalities related to intoxicated drivers as well, which leaves law enforcement to use grant-funded overtime to try to put an emphasis on these matters. It seems the intention was to urge those celebrating to take sober driving seriously and to arrange for a designated driver before embarking on the festivities. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear to have worked.

These accidents can have devastating consequences to those involved and their families, which can last for years to come. If you or a loved one was injured by a drunk driver, you might need legal assistance to hold the person responsible. Beyond the drunk driver, other parties may be held responsible as well. Was the driver served too much? Was the driver on company time or in a company vehicle? These are some of the questions that may need to be asked. There are many avenues that can be investigated to help you receive the remuneration you deserve.

Source: The News Messenger, “Drunken driving arrests up from 2015,” Craig Shoup, March 21, 2016