Healthy meal replacement proves to be anything but

Healthy meal replacement proves to be anything but

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It goes without saying that we expect our grocery store food items to be safe. Any known harm is of an acceptable sort, like knowing buying a tub of ice cream that you intend to eat could add a little fluff to your midsection. But healthy shakes and meals, the ones touted as being nutritious and located in the health and fitness sections of most groceries, are not the obvious junk foods but are instead the products we hide our shameful treats under. However, 2016 has witnessed a 20-state outbreak of Salmonella poisoning linked to one of these very products.

So where did the ball drop? And who will pay the ultimate price? For the 27 victims suffering the effects of the salmonella virus, the price is likely to be steep, with missed work, lost income, medical bills and overall feelings of severe physical illness. In fact, for certain subgroups of society, the virus can be life threatening. And where the ball dropped, well that may take a thorough investigation to determine.

If you suffer harm from an unsafe food product or any consumer product, you have a good reason to seek more than medical help. As the toll the illness or injury takes on your body continues to correlate to increased financial repercussions, it may serve as some relief to know that you may be able to pursue compensation for the damages from which you suffer and have suffered.

An Ohio product liability attorney can help you explore your options to provide you with maximum remuneration. No consumer should suffer from use of products as they were intended and directed. Put the responsibility back on the manufacturers, distributers and anyone else who may have caused or allowed for the dangerous product to sit on store shelves. If we fail to set the precedent that this is not okay, unfortunately, it may continue to occur.

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