Don’t let owner negligence continue to hurt you

Don’t let owner negligence continue to hurt you

| Jan 3, 2016 | Premises Liability |

Have you ever slipped on water on a slick grocery store or gas station floor? Beyond the embarrassment is the frustration that someone would allow dangerous situations to remain without remedy despite the fact that paying customers could be seriously injured. You may have even been injured, in which case you likely either footed your own hospital and follow-up medical bills and operated on a tightened budget thanks to the wages lost from the time you missed work, or you pursued the compensation you were rightfully owed. You may still be suffering from lingering pains or challenges that continue to remind you of your injury and negatively affect your life.

When you are a patron, guest or occupant of a property, the owners, managers, leasers and maintenance companies are obligated to present a safe environment to you. Potential hazards must always be identified and removed or repaired before they can cause harm. Otherwise the owner or manager of the property can be considered negligent and may be held liable in lawsuits should someone be injured.

Falls should not be taken lightly and are never insignificant. Even if the person who falls is not seriously injured, there is always the possibility that he or she could be seriously injured. Some injuries are not instant or obvious. For instance, a person can develop a blood clot as the result of a fall and the clot can lead to their death. The clot would not be immediately obvious, and the death would not be instantaneously following the fall either.

This is why it is so important to seek counsel when you have experienced a slip and fall on someone’s premises and believe you may be hurt. If you are in Ohio, Colley Shroyer & Abraham have nearly a half-century of cumulative experience working on similar cases and will work on your behalf to minimize ongoing hardship resulting from your slip and fall injury.