Your rights when you are injured on another’s property

Your rights when you are injured on another’s property

| Jul 11, 2015 | Premises Liability |

When you think of premises liability, perhaps the allegorical slip-and-fall in the supermarket scenario comes to mind. You step on a grape, lose your balance and hit the floor. But the way you fall is such that you sprain an ankle, or break your arm, or maybe even your hip. That doesn’t sound so bad, does it? A few weeks in a cast, and you’ll be back to your old self.

Unfortunately, in our experience at Colley Shroyer Abraham with premises liability cases, we have seen matters that are much more serious in nature, and which can occur wherever you go onto the property of another. You can be hit by a car or be mugged in the parking lot of a retail establishment. Have a heavy object fall onto you during renovations of an apartment complex that you are visiting. Fall down a flight of stairs that are poorly lit at an office building. Even in that supermarket example, what happens if, instead of landing on your elbow, you hit your head on the floor?

It is not uncommon for injured parties in premises liability cases to incur hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages, even for matters that settle before going to trial. While every case is unique, and we are certainly not guaranteeing specific results in any premises liability matter, these examples illustrate how premises liability can become much more than a mere slip and fall on the floor. The consequences, measured in medical and rehabilitation expenses, time lost from work, and even non-economic harm such as pain and suffering damages, can add up quickly.

If these types of harm are traceable to the negligence of the owner, occupier or manager of commercial or residential property, then allocating to them their share of the cost burden to you can make the difference between being devastated financially or being able to get on with your life with as minimal an impact to you as possible.

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