Who is responsible for an injury in a store?

Who is responsible for an injury in a store?

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Getting injured while you are shopping can be a scary situation. You may not be familiar with the surrounding area, and besides, you came to the store expecting to be in a safe environment. This kind of situation falls under premises liability law, and it is important to know your rights if this happens to you.

First, you need to establish what kind of visitor you are. There are invitees, which covers all customers. Next, there are licensees, which is someone who did not come to shop, but is still invited; think of an independent kiosk owner. Finally, there are trespassers. As you might guess, these are visitors who are not welcome, such as a burglar. While premises liability generally always covers invitees, the last two types of visitors can be a trickier subject.

Next, it is important to figure out what condition the store was in. In short, if there were hazardous conditions present that the store owner should have known about and could cause injury, yet they did nothing to amend the situation, he may be held liable for the injury. For instance, a shop owner should put up a wet floor sign to let others know of a spill, or simply mop up the liquid. This can include trespassers: if a property owner uses a guard dog, for instance, they should put up a warning sign.

Premises liability is a complex set of laws that no one should have to take on by themselves. If you were hurt in an Ohio store and think your injuries fall under this category, it is a good idea for you contact an experienced attorney.