Protecting your rights when a negligent driver is in a police car

Protecting your rights when a negligent driver is in a police car

| Jun 25, 2015 | Car Accidents |

The victim in a car accident caused by a negligent driver could have a right to sue for compensation if he or she suffers a serious injury. If the evidence shows that a motorist drove in a manner that was below the standard of care expected of drivers, the fact that the driver was a police officer should not make a difference as far as liability for injuries caused to another person.

An investigation into the cause of a recent auto accident between a police car and a motorcycle turned up evidence that the officer might have made an illegal left turn that caused his vehicle to hit the motorcyclist. The rider suffered serious injuries that resulted in his hospitalization.

According to the Ohio State Highway Patrol, the police officer was not charged with any moving violations, but that could change depending upon the results of the accident investigation. A report of the police officer’s driving records revealed his involvement in three car accidents while on duty, including hitting a light pole while making a U-turn and hitting a pole on another occasion while making a turn to exit a parking lot.

Determining the cause of any car collision can be a time consuming process, but the results of a police accident investigation can offer crucial evidence favorable to a victim injured in the accident. Recovery of medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages and other damages depend upon evidence proving fault on the part of a negligent driver.

If you, or a family member, have been seriously injured in a car crash, a Columbus personal injury attorney may be of assistance in helping to obtain the compensation you deserve. An attorney who understands the law pertaining to negligence and car accidents might be able to answer your questions and respond to your concerns about proving negligence.

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