Premises liability can happen anywhere

Premises liability can happen anywhere

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The archetypical “slip and fall” accident can certainly happen when you step on a grape in the grocery store, but the concept goes significantly beyond retail establishments and customers who hurt themselves when they fall on the floor. Premises liability encompasses many kinds of injuries that can occur on almost any property owned or managed by another, as long as there are conditions on the premises that indicate negligence on the part of that person.

Premises liability can happen at residences, including apartment buildings. It can happen in restaurants and in shopping malls.

It can happen on vacant lots. In parking lots. Even, in some situations, on property owned by the government. All you have to do is to meet the necessary elements to prove the cause of action, but how do you do that? And what happens if the property owner raises defenses, such as claiming that you were a trespasser, or that the accident was your fault, or that your injuries are not as serious as claimed?

This is where having effective counsel can make the difference for you. Attorneys like the ones you will find at Colley Shroyer Abraham, who know Ohio premises liability law, as well as how to negotiate and if need be to litigate to see that you receive the fair recompense for your injuries that you deserve.

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