There’s more to premises liability than slip and fall

There’s more to premises liability than slip and fall

| Oct 2, 2014 | Premises Liability |

When the average person hears the term “premises liability” his or her mind generally pictures someone slipping on a wet surface and falling down, or a person tripping down some steps because the stairs were not kept in good condition. But the law of premises liability also involves other injury-causing events that the ordinary person may not customarily associate with the common idea of what this area of law includes.

A couple of good examples of this can be seen in dog bites and insufficient security. It is an unfortunate event when people have been the victims of a dog bite, or are assaulted at a nightclub and they are denied damages because they only sought compensation under one legal theory when they could have successfully sued using the law of premises liability.

A person who was the object of an assault at a nightclub, upon first impression, may seek to only take legal action against the attacker. This reaction is perfectly understandable, and that option should be investigated, an experienced law practice like Colley Shroyer Abraham will also examine the broader scope of potential liability.

A nightclub is responsible for the safety of its patrons, and a club owner who is negligent in providing sufficient security may be legally culpable for the injuries suffered as a result of the assault. It is the role of a premises liability attorney to consider that possibility.

The attorneys at our firm are prepared to work on premises liability claims of all kinds, from the more common faulty footpaths to the overlooked dog bite. If you are interested in learning more about premises liability, from unsafe property claims to negligent security, please visit our website.