Manufacturers can be liable for defective products

Manufacturers can be liable for defective products

| Aug 22, 2014 | Products Liability |

When an everyday product is responsible for consumer injury, there may be grounds to hold liable the company that manufactured the defective item. A dangerous product can lead an individual to suffer serious injury or illness, or may even result in consumer death.

The outcome of defective industrial equipment, dangerous children’s toys, a defective auto part, or an automobile design defect may be to blame on a negligent manufacturer. It is up to the company to alert consumers of a product recall or prescription drug recall, whatever the case may be.

Insufficient warning can also translate to product liability for the company. Defective medical devices, appliances, cookware, sporting goods and hunting gear are also considered in personal injury lawsuits, as well as products that have negligent warnings and instructions, or negligent design or manufacturing. Consumer injury sustained from a dangerous product may be entitled to compensation.

In one case, a local truck driver received $2 million from an auto manufacturer and turnpike commission in Ohio when he lost his leg in the aftermath of a vehicle collision. The man lost control of the truck and hit a guardrail, which ultimately led to a crash with the pier of the bridge.

If you have suffered injuries from a faulty part or product, it can be important to seek the legal advice of a professional. He or she can provide helpful guidance and representation in negotiations and a possible trial. You may receive a settlement that could help offset to medical expenses and lost wages, as well as satisfy some pain and suffering.