Music revives Ohio drunk driving accident victim

Music revives Ohio drunk driving accident victim

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Drunk driving accidents, especially those that result in death or serious injury, are devastating to victims and their families. Although the law allows a victim to sue a drunk driver and receive compensation, this will never make up for lost lives. In cases where a sole survivor has to recover without his or her loved ones, it can be extremely heartbreaking; but when a tragic situation turns miraculous, it can shed a light on the positive side of humanity.

A drunk driver changed the life of one Ohio girl forever by a careless act. The driver slammed into a vehicle the girl was riding in along with her family. The drunk driving accident left the girl in a coma. Other members of her family were killed in the incident, including her mother, two sisters and an unborn sibling.

The odds against the young girl’s recovery were grim from the beginning. A majority of accident victims with serious injuries similar to hers do not survive. Most survivors end up scarred or injured for life. They can lose the ability to do basic things like walking, talking and eating on their own. Fortunately, this little girl has come out as the exception to the rule.

After months in a coma, the young girl finally woke up. According to doctors, the musician Bruno Mars may be to thank for the development. A nurse played her the artist’s songs nightly while she was in a coma, and when she came out of it she was singing one of his popular songs.

In a heartwarming gesture, the artist met with the girl before a show in Ohio and then during the concert he found her in the crowd and sang to her amongst the audience.

Doctors have credited music therapy for the rapid recovery. The girl has also regained her ability to walk. Sadly, this is not always the case. The statistics put the proportion of fatalities from serious injuries such as the one that this victim suffered, which included a brain injury, at 70 percent.

No matter what injuries have been suffered after a drunk driving accident, victims and their families should focus first on recovering physically. Afterward, they can turn their attention toward holding the negligent driver accountable and pursuing the compensation they may deserve.

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