Automobile defective product recalls add up for GM

Automobile defective product recalls add up for GM

| May 29, 2014 | Products Liability |

For Ohio owners of General Motors vehicles, the bad news keeps coming. The auto manufacturer’s latest product recall covers Chevrolet Aveo model years 2004 to 2008, the dashboard of which contains a part that is apparently prone to overheating, melting and catching on fire.

This latest product recall brings the number of auto recalls by the beleaguered car manufacturer to 29 so far this year. GM claims that no deaths or injuries have been reported because of the defective auto part that triggered the Aveo recall.

The company’s newly appointed chief of safety said that the earlier recall of other GM models that were built with a deadly ignition switch defect led the auto manufacturer to review the safety of all its products. The carmaker has also hired 35 new safety inspectors, and says it is taking safety concerns seriously.

In a related development, a Suzuki vehicle which GM built is also being recalled because of a defective auto part.

So far this year GM has recalled nearly 14 million cars in the United States, a new record for the company but not one of which it can be proud.

Victim advocates say that as many as 53 people may have died as a result of accidents caused by the faulty ignition switches. GM still maintains that the number of deaths is no more than 13. The car manufacturer has acquiesced to a $35 million federal fine for its failure to report the defective ignition switches earlier.

Ohio residents injured by defective automobile products, and who seek compensation for their injuries, may want to seek the advice of an attorney to assist them in deciding whether, and how to proceed. These types of cases are generally complex and those who pursue them usually greatly benefit from having legal counsel.

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