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MMA fighter's 15-month-old killed by suspected drunk driver

Every drunk driving accident that takes a life is tragic, but there's something particularly heart-wrenching about a child being killed thanks to someone else's decision to get behind the wheel drunk. That's what makes MMA fighter Marcus Kowal's story so painful.

Your police report may be helpful to your case

If you have been injured in a car accident, especially if the other driver was intoxicated, you may be considering legal action. While obtaining an attorney and filing a lawsuit are both big steps, there are certain things you can do to help your case and your lawyer beforehand. Obtaining your police report is one thing you can do that is both easy and helpful.

Not just your average case

Even though car accidents have countless causes, none are as confusing as those caused by drunk driver. After being injured by a drunk driver, individuals and family members search for answers and try to make sense of the senseless. This confusion is typically compounded by the frustration of dealing with injury, recovery and compensation. Fortunately for injured individuals, there are experienced attorneys capable of handling these cases.

Alcohol isn't the only impairing substance

When discussing DUI charges, we all tend to relate it to the act of driving under the influence of alcohol. Unfortunately, alcohol is only one of the many substances that can affect an individual's ability to drive. Impairment due to drugs is a serious threat to drivers and pedestrians, and it's one that can cause just as much damage and destruction as alcohol-related impairment.

St. Pat's statistics are not so lucky in Ohio

Another St. Pat's holiday filled with merriment and festivities seemingly centered around the overindulgence of alcohol, led to numerous drunk driving arrests in Ohio over the weekend. In fact, state highway patrol in Sandusky County is said to be alarmed at the spike in arrests within the county after six more arrests over the holiday weekend.

Impaired driving accident statistics in Ohio are quite sobering

Despite the efforts of law enforcement and activist groups working all across America, drunk driving remains a problem. In Ohio, drunk driving is a huge problem, and the statistics are sobering. Unfortunately, they are not sobering enough, as impaired driving still leads to countless accidents each year.

A victim of a drunk driving accident has rights under Ohio law

In the state of Ohio, all victims whose injuries resulted from others' negligent acts have rights. These rights extend to those who were injured by drunk drivers, as drunk driving is considered a form of negligence. If you are an injured victim of a drunk driving accident that occurred on an Ohio roadway, help is available at the law firm of Colley Shroyer Abraham.

Proactive driver helps prevent a possible drunk driving accident

We look to the new year with hope and resolution, hope for better tomorrows for ourselves and those we love and resolutions to get things right in order to realize those better tomorrows. Truly, it seems so many things are obtainable and the only thing standing in our way is our own folly. However, what if something were to sear the year 2016 into your memory as the most devastating of times, and your own folly has nothing to do with it? What if your future or the future of your loved one was taken away or altered permanently by the folly of another, perhaps a drunk, negligent or otherwise reckless driver? One proactive driver did his best to eliminate that outcome early in January 2016 when he called 911 after spotting a potentially drunk driver on the road. He tailed the speeding SUV in question and reported it as it erratically swerved, nearly hitting an SUV, a guardrail and a bridge.

Ohio House considers changes to first-time DUI penalties

Aside from fines and possible jail time, another legal consequence of drunk driving is that it can result in administrative penalties such as license suspensions. Sometimes, though, suspending a person’s license may not be enough to deter that individual from driving, or even driving again while intoxicated. A proposed bill now being considered in the Ohio House of Representatives seeks to encourage DUI offenders to avoid repeat offending by loosening the driving restrictions placed on such individuals in exchange for increased use of ignition interlock devices.

Law enforcement often-insufficient deterrent to drunk drivers

The danger that drunk drivers pose to society has been recognized for as long as automobiles have traveled Ohio roads. There are many statutes, both state and local, that  seek to deter drunk driving by imposing various fines and even terms of incarceration on those convicted of the behavior, but these may provide sober drivers with a false sense of security.