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Law enforcement often-insufficient deterrent to drunk drivers

The danger that drunk drivers pose to society has been recognized for as long as automobiles have traveled Ohio roads. There are many statutes, both state and local, that  seek to deter drunk driving by imposing various fines and even terms of incarceration on those convicted of the behavior, but these may provide sober drivers with a false sense of security.

Premises liability at sporting events

If there is one thing Ohio residents love, it’s their sports. With the Browns, Bengals, Cavaliers, Indians, Reds, Crew and Blue Jackets, plus a national championship-winning college football team, you can find just about everything you could want in this state. Going to a game is a great way to spend a day with friends or family, cheering on your team to victory or supporting them after a loss. But it can also be a great way to get injured.

Unnecessary procedures may be basis for medical malpractice suits

When a doctor tells you that you need heart surgery, you may look at him or her with disbelief. Even if you've been having symptoms, it will take some time for that news to sink in. But what if you later discovered that the surgery was unnecessary?