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What effect does a drunk driver's death have on liability?

Most of the time when we think of filing a lawsuit against another driver for having caused a drunk driving accident, we think in terms of suing the driver personally. But what happens if the drunk driver dies in the accident? Does that preclude a claim against that person?

How can you know if your doctor has a good record?

Choosing a doctor is a serious matter, and you can invest considerable time and effort researching your decision. The good news is that in today's information age, you have many options available to do your homework, including the Internet and a variety of consumer reporting sites. But how much faith can you place in the information you gather from such sources?

Premises liability can happen anywhere

The archetypical "slip and fall" accident can certainly happen when you step on a grape in the grocery store, but the concept goes significantly beyond retail establishments and customers who hurt themselves when they fall on the floor. Premises liability encompasses many kinds of injuries that can occur on almost any property owned or managed by another, as long as there are conditions on the premises that indicate negligence on the part of that person.