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Can product manufacturers be liable for criminal use of products?

Products liability lawsuits can be based on a variety of issues that arise with the product. The product can be inherently dangerous, can be mislabeled or have inadequate warnings on its label to prevent injury, or can be altered by a seller after it is shipped from the manufacturer for sale. But one issue that arises less frequently in products liability law is whether the manufacturer or seller can be held responsible when a product is used in a criminal act and some characteristic of the product made it more likely to be used in such an act.

Woman injured in multi-vehicle accident in Ohio

Car accidents continue to affect the lives of road users in Ohio. Just recently, there was an accident involving multiple vehicles in the state. The car accident occurred a couple of hours before midnight and involved four vehicles, seriously injuring a woman who was one of the drivers.

What are the bases of liability for defective products in Ohio?

Most people understand the general concept of products liability, to the extent that if a product is unreasonably dangerous then its maker, and possibly others involved in placing it into commerce in Ohio, can be held financially accountable for any injury, death or property damage that results from a person using the product in a foreseeable manner.

Ohio victims of premises liability have good case

When we are out and about alone or with friends and family members, completing errands, having lunch, shopping at a grocery store or retail store, we take for granted that safety precautions are in place. We assume that the property owners of the facilities to which we venture have not been negligent when it comes to clearing ice and providing sufficient lighting and security.